This Association seeks to keep its members and associates informed of current resources used in support of education for youth and community work practice, research and programme administration.


This page include links to recent publications from members of the Association, links to the most current documentation that supports the professional validation of taught programmes, and teaching resources. Members are invited to use the 'update request' link to inform the Association of additional resources that can be posted on this page (note some links are currently being updated and may not be active yet, check back soon).

We are pleased to promote the published works of members of the Association. The most recent publications are listed here.
Course Documents
The most current copies of key documents related to the validation of professional qualifications are provided here.
Teaching Resources
Our members & associates produce resources that support the teaching of youth and community work and links are provided here.
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Below is a list of recent publications produced by members of the Association. Members can update this list by submitting details of publications using the update request link on the right-hand side of this page.

Publication Author Link
Socially Just, Radical Alternatives for Education and Youth Work Practice: Re-Imagining Ways of Working with Young People (2015)                                               
Edited By Charlie Cooper, Sinéad Gormally and Gill Hughes 
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yresearch- journal of social research and evaluation
Vol 1, September 2015
YMCA George Williams College
PDF Download
Journal Website
Youth Work: Histories, Policies and Context (2015)
Graham Bright
Palgrave Macmillam
Youth work and faith: Debates, delights and dilemmas (2015) Mark K. Smith, Naomi Stanton & Tom Wylie (Eds) Russell House
Youth & Policy Special Edition: No 114 (2015)
The Next Five Years: Prospects for young people
Youth & Policy  Youth and Policy No.114
Fair and Equal Education: An evidence-based policy manifesto that respects children and young people (2015) Multiple
BERA:SIG Publication
PDF File
Innovation in Youth Work: Thinking in Practice
YMCA George Williams College (2015)
Naomi Stanton (Editor) PDF File
Against Role Models: Tracing the Histories of Manliness in Youth Work. In Youth and Policy 113 (Autumn 2014) Janet Batsleer Youth and Policy No.113
Working with Young People. 2nd Edition (2013) Sheila Curran et al
Essential Skills for Youth Work Practice (2013) Kate Sapin Sage
Critical Issues in Youth Work Management (2011) Jon Ord Routledge
Working with Diversity in Youth and Community Work (2011) Sangeeta Soni Learning Matters
Youth Work in Communities and Schools (2011) Annette Coburn
and David Wallace
Dunedin Academic Press
Empowerment and Participation in Youth Work (2011) Annette Fitzsimmons et al (Editors) Learning Matters
Research and Research Methods for Youth Practitioners (2011) Simon Bradford Routledge
Using Theory in Youth and Community Work Practice (2010) Ilona Buchroth & Christine Parkin (Edictors) Learning Matters
Ethical Issues in Youth Work. 2nd Edition (2010) Sarah Banks Routledge
What is Youth Work? (2010) Janet Batsleer and Bernard Davies (Editors) Learning Matters
Youth Work Practice, 2nd Edition (2010) Tony Jeffs and Mark Smith (Editors) Palgrave Macmillan

Course Documents

Below is a list of current course documents and guidance that relate to the professional validation of youth and community work programmes in the UK.

Document Level Author Link
Professional Validation Guidance and Requirements (2015)
Overseen by the NYA for England and Wales
NQF 4-7 NYA PDF File
Professional Endorsement for Higher Education Studies in Youth Work (2013)
Overseen by NSETS for Ireland
National Occupational Standards for Youth Work (2012) - LSC PDF File
Subject Benchmark Statement: Youth and Community Work (2009) NQF 4-7 QAA PDF File
Youth Work Practice Qualifications (2014) NQF 2-3 NYA PDF File

Teaching Resources

Below is a list of teaching resources recommended by members of the Association. Members can update this list by submitting details of resources using the update request link on the right-hand side of this page.

Resource Level Author Link
LOGBOOK: A Practice Journal of Professional Open Youth Work in Europe  ALL Erasmus+ WEB LINK
Fight or Fright: NCIA Inquiry in to the Future of Voluntary Services  ALL NCIA PDF File 
Commission in to Enterprise and Young People ALL  NYA PDF File
Youth Services in England: Changes and trends in the provision of services ALL NYA PDF File
The 2nd European Convention on Youth Work Declaration

Declaration available in PDF Link and

Click Here for a Youtube Video

Working with young people: the value of youth work in the European Union
A European CommisioReport 
ALL EC PDF File                                                 

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